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Boston Lifestyle Newborn Session

When it comes to newborn photography, some parents prefer a simpler approach. They reach out to photographers like me for what I call a lifestyle session. This means they want to keep things natural and avoid using too many props or staged poses on a newborn table. For this session, I only used a Moses basket, a wooden bed and a flokati rug for a more simple yet beautiful newborn portraits.

Instead, the focus is on capturing portraits with the family and simple, organic shots of the baby. These sessions allow the true beauty of the newborn and the love within the family to shine through.

I must admit, I do have a soft spot for all the adorable props and creative poses that can be done with newborns. However, I completely understand why parents would opt for a more laid-back and natural approach. It’s about capturing those genuine moments and emotions that they will cherish forever.

What I love most about offering both styles is that I can cater to my clients’ preferences and provide them with the best experience possible. Whether they want posed portraits or candid family moments, I am here to create beautiful memories for them.

So, if you are a parent looking for a lifestyle newborn session, rest assured that I am here to help you capture those precious moments. Let’s focus on creating timeless portraits of your baby and moments that truly reflect your family’s love and connection.

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