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CAIO’S WILD ONE Boston cake smash photoshoot

Caio is my youngest baby, and he is absolutely adorable. I know I am biased, but look at the images and you’ll probably agree with me! Caio came to our family as a complete surprise, as a matter of fact, both of our children did.

We suffered from infertility for over 7 years before we conceived naturally with our first boy, Gabriel. When we tried for our second we encountered the same obstacles, and we thought we would be parents of one, and we were fine with that. However, years passed and to our surprise we were blessed with another little boy. Caio means “Rejoice”, which is exactly how we felt when we got the news!

He is now one and wild is an understatement. I like to say my friends lied when they said the second is usually calmer than the first. (My first is already VERY active, let’s put it at that!). Caio came to join his brother, and they are wild as one can get. Our home is pretty loud but we embrace it! For his cake smash nothing more fitting than a wild safari, which was also the theme for his first birthday party!

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