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Editorial Boston Maternity Photoshoot

In this blog post, I am excited to share my recent editorial Boston maternity photoshoot with a couple who wanted to capture this special time in their lives. We started the session with portraits of mom-to-be first. This way her husband would get more comfortable while he watched in awe his beautiful wife.

Editorial Boston Maternity Photoshoot

Editorial Boston Maternity Photoshoot Look 1

She wanted a romantic look with baby breath’s bouquet. I am so proud of these images. They are so simple, yet so elegant and romantic. They look like they belong in a magazine and highlighted the mom-to-be best features.

Editorial Boston Maternity Photoshoot Look 2

Nathaly changed into a beautiful black dress. This dress is a staple in the client closet due to its timeless and elegant look. This look showcased the mom-to-be on her own, capturing her radiant beauty and joy. We then brought the husband into the frame, capturing their love and anticipation as they await their little one.This usually is my go-to look for editorial Boston maternity photoshoots. It is classic, modern, and adds the perfect elements to focus on the subject. It is also the perfect look to do with a partner. Since there are no distractions, we are able to focus on their connection and joy of anticipation.

Editorial Boston Maternity Photoshoot Look 3

For the third look of the photoshoot, we wanted to create a softer and more elegant atmosphere. The mom-to-be wore a stunning satin dress that highlighted her beautiful baby bump. The soft lighting and subtle poses accentuated the natural glow and serenity of this stage in their journey. The green satin was paired well with the endurance backdrop, bringing a beautiful and interesting depth to the portraits.

Editorial Boston Maternity Photoshoot Look 4

Lastly, we wrapped up the session with a fine art gown. This exquisite gown added an element of grace and elegance to the final set of photographs. The delicate details and flowing fabric created truly stunning fine art portraiture, allowing us to capture the couple’s beauty in a timeless and artistic way. Nathaly felt beautiful as soon as she stepped out of the dressing room. The smile on her face showed just how excited she was for this look. This makes me so happy, because this is the reason why I provide a client closet. It gives clients so many options and they often find the perfect fit.

Overall, this editorial Boston maternity photoshoot allowed me to capture the essence of this special time for the couple. The different looks, lighting techniques, and beautiful wardrobe choices helped us create a diverse and visually captivating collection of images. I feel honored to have been a part of their journey and to have captured these precious moments for them to cherish forever. This beautiful couple will return to the studio for a newborn session, and I can’t wait to meet their little bundle of joy! We will work together to create before and after portraits to emulate their maternity session. The end goal is to create a beautiful heirloom album to display both sessions. For this reason, the newborn session will have similar colors, neutrals and sage green. So when they are in the album, they are all cohesive and beautifully displayed.

Editorial Boston Maternity Photoshoot Conclusion

If you are expecting and would like to learn more about having an Editorial Boston Maternity photoshoot with me. Please don’t be shy, let’s chat in a quick zoom call. We will talk about my simple process and create something beautiful and unique for you. Always remember that I don’t photograph models, these are all regular people, who in the beginning didn’t know how to pose and often saw themselves as shy in the front of the camera. However, my job as a Boston photographer, is to show you how to pose, and enjoy every part of your session.

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